Every year, during springtime, for a long time, I would start to feel different levels of sadness or depression. I’m not exactly sure why. Speaking with someone about this and what’s going on in my life during that season has always been something I’ve pursued. It has helped to work through those feelings, but the cause still rattles.

I know plenty of people who feel as if they are on unsteady ground in different seasons. Sometimes it makes you feel weak in your faith. Sometimes it makes you feel inadequate in your knowledge of who God is.

When we are in those times, we can forget the promises and the glory that God has brought into our life. It’s not an easy thing to see past the darkness. It becomes hard to wade through this forgetfulness in search of your purpose in His will.

For me, in this season has always been an easy time to forget God’s promises and glory. However, God has never said that there wouldn’t be times when our humanity would be so overwhelming and might start to cloud the greatness of who He is in our lives.

The fact that we have forgotten these things is not the end of that road. The Bible tells us that we are to be stirred up by way of reminder. “And it is only right that I should keep on reminding you as long as I live.” (Peter 1:13 NLT) This means we are not just led into the sadness to stay, but we are meant to be shown God once again. I want to make that clear…what may have been forgotten will once again be shown!

Sometimes we can feel like starting over means we haven’t made progress. I say that starting over is a great opportunity to be on the same path and experience God in a new way.

I have known in the midst of absent-mindedness and darkness that there is great blessing. I see the blessing in my life every single day – things that God has brought into my life that has made the same life new.

So, be encouraged, and remember, even though our humanity may bring us to forget the things we have known, we are called to rejoice. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4 NIV) This is the response to feeling forgetful and distant. We don’t rejoice because we are in turmoil, we rejoice because He is good. He has brought the blank mind of forgetting to a fullness of remembrance.

Seasons were meant for change. Emotions will try to judge whether the change is good or bad. But, in a time of uneven thought, REMEMBER and REJOICE in what is sure and righteous.


Rene Solis is Director of Koinonia School of Ministry, a ministry of Koinonia Church in Hanford, CA. He can be reached at ksm@kchanford.com or by calling 559-582-1528.