What a season! Christmas season seems to be one of extremes. It’s an incredibly beautiful season full of gatherings, decorations, giving and gratitude. Or, for many, it can be a season of loneliness, lack, and struggle. As I sit and think through the intention of the season, and what culture does with good intentions, I want to give a bit of encouragement. During the next few weeks, let’s choose peace.

Christmas is a holiday, marking the incarnation of Christ. Jesus came as a child, when He was also fully God. It’s a powerful idea, worth lots of consideration. When I sit and consider all that God did in the miraculous act of the birth of our savior, I am able to easily recognize a few things.

1- God owes me nothing…because He has truly already given it all. When I feel entitled to a certain lifestyle, amount of comfort, or even mental health, I am set up for disappointment. I know what’s possible with Jesus, but I also know what I am owed. God does not owe me an easy route, an explanation of His plans, or even special favor. Therefore, anything I receive above Jesus (comfort, peace, grace, mercy, blessings, etc.), truly is a gift!

2- God is a God of the impossible. He came, through the womb of a virgin girl. He came in the time, city, and manner as predicted through hundreds of prophecies. He utilized heavenly angels to send His messages. Things that we cannot make happen in all of our might, power, and ingenuity, God made happen.

3- God has a plan. His plan is not the short version. Jesus’ arrival was predicted many generations prior. At the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, a hint was given of the method

that God would use to defeat the impact of Satan on the earth. He demonstrated our need for a savior through the law and the people of Israel. Then when Jesus came, it was to pay the price we didn’t even realize was needed. A consistency in these stories is that the timing is always perfect, but never expected. The people involved always expected shorter turnarounds on what God has spoken. But sometimes, many times, that timing was a part of the plan. This helps me believe that God’s timing will probably not be my timing, and that’s a good thing!

If you are celebrating this Christmas season, or grieving, or hoping for promises and plans unfulfilled, let’s choose peace. One of the biggest blessings of being a Christian, outside of the promise of eternity, is living in Peace on Earth. Because I know we are already blessed with what God has done for us, I do not have to strive. I do not have to experience the feeling of being passed over, or left out, or less than others. This brings a sense of peace in a very materialistic and competitive day.

When I remember that God is a God of impossible impossibilities, I have Hope. Hope for the evil that I witness to be used for good. I have hope that the difficult situations are temporary, even if that timeframe is my entire lifetime. I also find peace in the fact that God has a plan. Yes, the enemy is scheming and plotting. But the God who loves and prepares well has been working out the realities with the blessing of eternal perspective! I have peace because even in war, famine, sickness, heartache, I know the Lord is a planner. All of Creation is heading towards His ultimate glorification.

If your Christmas is lonely, or your gatherings full of drama, or your wish list unfulfilled, choose Peace by knowing the Lord has so much under control. He is not absent or unaware. He is available and understands and is full of compassion. He desires you to seek Him, in your current state, whatever that may be!

I do wish you a Merry Christmas. I pray it is full of Peace. And the Joy that comes from knowing Christ!


Candace Cortez is Executive Pastor at Koinonia Church in Hanford, CA. She can be reached at candace@kchanford.com or 559-582-1528.