Currently, there is a TV series playing on the internet and in an app called “The Chosen.” It explores the lives of Jesus’ disciples and imagines more details than were included in the Gospels. As a writer myself, I have been fascinated with how the writers and director of this series have taken what we know in the Word of God and dramatized it for us to get a better understanding of what it might have been like to walk alongside Jesus.

 After watching several episodes, I began to think about what it would be like to interview other people from Bible? Such as…

Adam, what were you thinking?!

God told you not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. What part of his command did you not understand? Not only did you eat the forbidden fruit but, when confronted by God, you blamed your wife! Not good form, Adam. In the end, you learned a very hard lesson and you and Eve went on to be obedient and faithful. Today, we can all relate to your temptation and your ability to overcome, learn and move on from terrible mistakes. (Genesis 3)

Rahab, how did you get the courage to help the spies?

You were already an outcast as a prostitute, yet you had the courage to hide the two men and tell the King’s guard that, “Yes, the men were here earlier, but I did not know where they were from. They left the town at dusk…” (Joshua 2:4-5) Then, you went on to ask the men to protect you and your family during the coming battle. Amazing! And despite your background, you were accepted into the Israelite community, married and your family tree went on to include King David and, eventually, Jesus.

Isaac, how did you feel when your father tied up your hands and put you on the altar for sacrifice?

I just read this chapter the other day (Genesis 22) about your journey to the mountain with your father. His faith was being tested as well as yours. You had to have to faith that he was leading you on a journey. You had no idea what God had asked of him, and you obediently followed his directions. You must have been frightened but, your faith, and that of your father’s, delivered you both that day.

 Balaam, why didn’t you obey the Lord?

Your donkey was smarter and more obedient than you were! On the one hand, you knew that you needed to consult the Lord for permission to respond to King Balak’s request, and yet you took off on the journey and angered the Lord. Good thing your donkey was more afraid of God and His angels than you were! (Numbers 22-24)

 Esau, why did you let your hunger rob you of your birthright?

I can really relate to why you would let your hunger rule your common sense. I, too, think of food first in most cases. You came home from a long day, encountered the wonderful aroma of Jacob’s stew, and simply had to have it! I feel the same way around spaghetti! When Jacob would not give you any stew without first giving him your birthright as first born, you let your stomach rule your head. (Genesis 25:29-34) 

Simeon and Anna, how did you sustain yourselves through a lifetime waiting for the Messiah?

We have all had promises and events we have waited for, but the two of you were faithful in the midst of very dark times for Israel. Simeon, I have often thought of how you must have felt when you held the baby Jesus in your arms at the temple. You were gazing into the infant eyes of your Redeemer! (Luke 2:25-35). And Anna, you came upon the moment when Simeon was prophesying over Jesus (Luke 2:36-38). I can picture the two of you standing side by side, astonishing Mary and Joseph with your enthusiasm and joy.

 Luke, how did you become such an amazing investigative reporter?

As a fellow writer, I am always impressed with your extensive research and documentation about Jesus’ life and the Acts of the Apostles. What was it like to interview all the people who witnessed the miracles of Jesus? You even traveled with Paul and watched him preach and wrote down all those details of his extensive journeys.

 James, your brother Jesus came to you after his resurrection. You had thought him crazy. What were his first words to you? (1 Corinthians 15:7)

I can imagine that everything you had ever heard about your older brother began to make sense. You were fearful for your brother and the fact that the authorities were after him. It is so touching that Jesus appeared to you and then the rest of the disciples. It is no wonder that you went on to be one of the leaders of the Jerusalem church.

There are many more people from the Bible who would be very fascinating interview subjects such as husband and wife team, Priscilla and Aquila, who supported Paul in his ministry; Philemon and his slave, Onesimus; Timothy, Silas and Titus. In the Old Testament, Noah would be top of my list! I would ask him about seeing rain for the first time and what it was like to watch all the animals come to him to be loaded into the ark. Moses, David, Isaiah, Daniel…and the list goes on and on.

 Next time you read your Bible, ask questions, not just about what you are reading, but about the interesting people that God spoke with, called to service and loved so very much.


Paula Aiton is a member of the Koinonia Church worship team and a freelance writer, musician and artist. Her blog, ‘God’s Glory Girl’, can be found at